Practical Steps to Zero Trust

 Cyber & Risk, IAM

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Zero Trust is a breakthrough approach to security that will help organizations adapt to today’s technology environment and threat landscape. A Zero Trust Organization is built on a never-trust, always-verify approach to all entities and transactions. Adequate protections must be applied at the user, application, data, and network layers, and these solutions must be integrated and mutually reinforcing.

In this web conference, Sila Managing Director Tapan Shah describes the practical steps that an organization can take to achieve Zero Trust security and effectively secure its environment today.

About the Presenter

Tapan Shah Tapan is a Managing Director at Sila and heads the National Consulting Practice. He brings over 25 years of experience and industry eminence in cybersecurity and risk, with contributions to multiple publications, conferences, and advisory boards. His career has been dedicated to working with senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, helping them apply governance, process, and technology to improve their cybersecurity and risk posture.