How Identity Can Make You a Superhero


You are the hero of this story. You understand the dangers of not governing identities across your organization. The key is to evolve into the superhero your organization needs and understand how identity can be the central pillar of your cybersecurity strategy. Arm yourself with a strong identity governance and administration (IGA) service, analytics, and machine learning to take up the fight against insider threat, overprovisioning, and abuse of privileged access.

Enhance the investment your company has made in governing identities: add analytics tools, boost your detection capabilities, and improve your security posture. This shift in mindset lets you gain a holistic view of access-related risks and secure your organization.

Although implementing IGA can make you a hero, think about its greater purpose and become the much-needed superhero – who uses analytics to tie together independent sets of data to understand how an identity is leveraging everything it has access to. The end goal is being better informed about the risk any identity poses at any point in time.

Your IGA tool data will take you to a desired state of identity governance where activity is tied to patterns. For example, it’s good to know who has access to what, but even better to know what they are doing with that access.

Analytics and machine learning working in conjunction with IGA tools let you examine a identity’s activity outside of their access. For example, can you see the various interactions an identity has across the landscape of systems to indicate suspicious, uncharacteristic, or risky behavior? Is an identity with privileged access being targeted by a phishing attack?

Overlaying these data points onto the knowledge base from your IGA tool helps you better understand the risk that an identity presents, informing decisions about that risk. Can your systems and processes react to the elevation of an identity’s riskiness? This is the type of insight you gain when going beyond an IGA solution.

Do you view cybersecurity through the lens of ensuring your organization is regulatory compliant (mandate), or do you view it to effectively protect your organization’s IP, PII, reputation and resources (mission)? If you answered the latter, then suit up to become a superhero because you can do both by melding analytics and machine learning with IGA.

Mission is about holistically securing your organization by protecting it from data loss and insider threat, rather than mandate which is inspired through a set of controls and checkboxes. You may have achieved compliance, but have you really protected your organization from data loss and insider threat?

Malicious actors no longer go through the back door, they go in through the front door with legitimate credentials. That door happens to be the IGA infrastructure, and you are its key defender. Be the superhero that has prepared, planned, and assembled the team that can be one step ahead of those that dare to attack.

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Be a Superhero. Supercharge Your Identity.
Leveraging Identity to Address Broader Use Cases in Security

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How well do you know what identities are doing with the access they have? What is the risk any identity poses at any given time? Find out how you can be a Superhero to your enterprise!

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