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Agile Transformation

At Sila, we apply Agile concepts that can help your organization embrace a rapidly changing business landscape. We empower your teams to improve communication, collaborate, and ultimately improve speed to market. By fostering an environment focused on the customer, we help you build innovation and high quality into a culture of value delivery.

Sila’s Approach

Sila’s experienced Agile, Lean, and SAFe® practitioners will partner with you to identify the most significant pain points and strategic goals you hope to solve with an Agile transformation. Working together, we will take the right steps to build an Agile, Lean, or SAFe® transformation plan, tailored to your specific business needs and desired outcomes. Once we have defined your personalized roadmap, we will work with you every step of the way as your organization accomplishes its objectives. Our goal is to ensure your organization is on a healthy path toward a successful Agile transformation.

Transformational Services

Comprehensive transformation demands a solid strategy. With experience across a variety of industries, Sila partners with you to build your business case for Agile transformation.

Already have an agile organization but want to go farther? We will help you assess the value of agile expansion. If there are agile improvements that can help your business grow, we will work with you to develop the necessary strategy.

Our experienced Change Management (CM) specialists will observe your agile teams, engage your people, and identify areas of improvement that can help your organization embrace change quickly.Our goal is to develop internal champions across your organization and build relationships for long-term success. We may suggest key roles, develop new processes, or define a communication strategy.

For change to succeed and thrive, it demands a strong foundation. Across SAFe implementations, organizations need to be focused on the agile mindset, principles, core values, and the customer.

By helping develop maturity in these key areas, our SPCs and change agents accelerate an organization’s workforce to go from having general awareness to the knowledge and skills necessary to get results from a Lean-Agile transformation.

During your transformation, there is a lot to learn, and often, not a lot of time. Sila’s Agile Coaches will help your teams get up to speed quickly so you can see results fast.We provide Agile coaching and mentoring at every level of the enterprise. Our goal is to root out anti-patterns in real-time, so we can help change operations, behaviors, or minds.

Through one-on-one conversations, workshops, and brainstorming sessions, we are here to keep your teams on track as we execute your transformation strategy.

Operational Services

When organizations undergo an enterprise-wide agile transformation, it is essential to have a partner by your side that prioritizes and understands your unique business challenges. Our experienced SAFe Program Consultants are ready to guide your organization through a customized scaled agile implementation using The Scaled Agile Framework®.

Sila’s experienced consultants understand the uniqueness of each implementation. We will tailor the framework’s implementation to the needs of the enterprise. In the end, it will ultimately be you that defines what works. Our goals are to provide you with options so that you can decide what works best.

Sila’s consultants can lead you through a variety of focused workshops to help you assess whether your agile initiatives are providing the value you expected.

Our assessment-based workshops enable continuous improvement with actionable recommendations. They keep us focused on agile principles while building competencies. They provide a path to increasing business value. Assessments allow us to celebrate our successes and leverage our strengths.


Our consultants are trained and certified in a variety of Agile disciplines. We also bring practical, real-world experience to our customer engagements. Whether you need to certify your Scrum Masters or explore Lean Portfolio Management, our team will lead training that will help your organization reach the next level of business agility.

Our SAFe 5.0 Program Consultants (SPCs) are experienced and engaging instructors that can help build your organization’s maturity across the Lean-Agile core competencies with our Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) certification classes.

Certification Courses

  • Leading SAFe
  • Implementing SAFe
  • SAFe for Teams

  • Product Owner/Product Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Advanced Scrum Master

  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • SAFe DevOps
  • Agile Product Management

Are you ready? Connect with an expert who can support your organization through an agile transformation.

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