Identity & Access Management

Identity is the new perimeter. The identities you create for your workforce, devices, systems, and automated processes are at the front lines of the threat landscape. Sila can help you strengthen them against the risks they face with solutions that blend technology, process improvement, and organizational transformation.

Whether you are evaluating your existing IAM strategies or operationalizing IAM services across your organization, Sila can help.

Assessments range from quick, tactical evaluations of your existing IAM services to a more robust determination of what your future state should look like and how to achieve it.

Transformation Services focus on the long-term success of your program. We design and implement functional and technical processes to ensure identities have the minimum amount of access needed to perform their tasks at the right times.

Operational Services help more mature programs define a demand management process, augment your team’s operational capacity by providing IAM expert services, and continue to provide value by enhancing your IAM services.

Our definition of success is centered around your organization’s effective IAM program adoption and maintenance. Our services focus on a holistic understanding of the needs and priorities of your organization and we craft strategies that maximize your long-term success. Our team brings deep domain experience augmented by the analytical and project management skills needed to bring complex solutions to life. Our technical approach optimizes your existing tools and leverages emerging technologies in analytics and automation to further enhance your organization’s IAM capabilities and maturity.

Every organization is responsible for the protection of its data whether it is hosted on-premise or in the cloud, particularly as the scope of IAM governance spans both internal and external identities.

Sila's Identity & Access Management (IAM) practice specializes in helping organizations better protect themselves. Our team works with you to define strategies that improve your overall security posture, mitigate risks, streamline processes, and quantify operational cost savings.