Cybersecurity & Risk

Securing and prioritizing. That's the challenge facing security teams. Securing known and unknown assets and prioritizing a growing to-do list that never ends. That, along with the prevailing notion that a security team's perceived value is based on preventing the inevitable security incident.

Sila's value as a security-centric, boutique firm is our emphasis on our talent, the staff, and resources. Our security practitioners strive for active collaboration with our clients with a mutual goal to realize significance from the engagement, shaping the client's vision for long-term success.

Assessment range from quick, tactical evaluations of your security services to a more strategic review of what your future state should look like and how to achieve it.
Transformation Services focus on the long-term success of your security program. We design functional and technical processes and implement a wide variety of supporting security technologies.
Operational Services support your organizational security programs, either augmenting your team, providing managed services, or expert services in specific security domain areas.

Organizations are facing an expanding attack surface, both internally and externally by various threat actors, whether their intentions are on purpose or by accident. That attack surface is driven by multiple factors, especially in just meeting the business demands of customers and their expectations. Below are some observations we see in the marketplace from a security perspective:

  1. Organizations have an increasing demand in supporting cloud technologies, but security is usually an afterthought as can be seen by many of the publicly recognized cloud misconfigured breaches.
  2. Data can spread like wildfire in organizations; the challenge of securing data along with increased pressure from regulatory agencies is posing problems for organizations.
  3. The shift left to developers in the deployment of technology with DevOps is exciting and provides advances at a quicker pace, but it also increases potential security vulnerabilities.
  4. Third and nth party risk management is a requirement for conducting business in today's time. Understanding their access to data, the permissions they have in your infrastructure and the criticality of services is a real reality.
  5. The number or complexity of security incidents is only trending up. Practicing for the plausible is needed, as security incidents transcend organizational business units and their roles and responsibilities, coordination and rehearsed responses are required.

Sila's security practitioners can provide insight and recommended approaches to security challenges your organization is facing. In addition to our security expertise, Sila also provides the perspective from a risk lens. One of the critical challenges is prioritizing security initiatives and potential threats to your organization. Sila utilizes best-of-breed risk analysis to support our client's decision making and support their rationale.