Organizations must quickly adapt to evolving and expanding threats, so their challenge lies in creating a responsive cybersecurity program that protects the enterprise while staying agile and efficient.

Sila specializes in leading multi-faceted, enterprise-wide cybersecurity engagements for industry and federal agencies, tailoring best practices to client-specific needs.

For more than 15 years, Sila has worked with chief information officers, chief information security officers, and directors of cybersecurity to properly evaluate and mature the effectiveness and robustness of their cybersecurity governance frameworks. We have a proven track record of creating comprehensive security governance models that span the threat landscape, while addressing adoption, change management, operational support, technology transformation, modernization, automation, and continuous improvement of the enterprise.

Sila’s cybersecurity practice specializes in helping organizations use identity governance and administration (IGA) to correctly define and categorize access to ensure that the right people have the right access to the right resources for the right reasons. We’ve introduced a risk-based approach that reduces rubberstamping and helps to foster informed decision making, giving special consideration to the most sensitive identities and data through privileged access management (PAM).

As we continually expand our knowledgebase with new tools and tactics, we are introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence into our identity governance approach to augment security operations center/security information and event management (SOC/SIEM) tools. These capabilities allow threat detection and response teams to gain enhanced insight through security-focused analytics, and allow organizations to see how access is being used.

We also help organizations protect their ever-expanding perimeters, combatting challenges associated with cloud computing and mobility by implementing Zero Trust principles. Additionally, our teams are well-versed in regulatory compliance requirements across industries and in addressing the complexities introduced by cloud-first strategies. We use that expertise to advise our clients on best practices, strategies, and roadmaps on how to define, implement, and support strategic initiatives across all aspects of cybersecurity. These skills play a major role in our threat modeling and application security assessments, which help our clients tie key initiatives to clear and quantified risks.

Sila is here to help organizations meet the multi-faceted nature of cybersecurity threats and responses, while making it easier for them to audit and address regulatory mandates.

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